Cannabidoil or CBD as it is popularly known is so far considered the safest formulation of cannabis. However, users need to be careful not to use contaminated CBD. Since medical use of marijuana is still at its infancy, medical doctors and physicians are still trying to figure out the right dosage for marijuana. Today, many medical training academies are yet to include medical marijuana and the therapeutic application of the compounds in the treatment of certain ailments.

There are three types of dose ranges per day that physicians have found useful in a variety of conditions. They include micro, standard and macro or therapeutic doses.
Here are the things to consider when designing a dosage for consuming CBD.

A range of considerations must be taken into account to help cannabis users to consume the right amounts of CBD to help them manage their condition without having far-reaching negative effects on their bodies.

Body and Weight

While physicians agree on certain baseline dosages in relation to weight, an individual’s body weight can vary thus your CBD dosage should change considerably. As your body weight change, your metabolism and the extent to which CBD has tolerated changes. Therefore, checking your weight regularly can help maintain an effective dosage.

CBD Biphasic Action

CBD can have unique effects when taken at lower dosages while at the same time having a different set of side effects at higher dosages. This behavior of CBD is known as biphasic action. This means that one user may find CBD desirable at a given level of dosage while another person may experience completely different side effects at the same dosage. Therefore, users need to observe the manner of the reaction of their bodies to different levels of dosage in order to identify the right level that is tolerated by their bodies.

Use CBD Dosage Calculator

CBD products out there come with different levels of potency depending on the production method, packaging and the experience of the distributor. Therefore, you need to need to know how much CBD you need to take based on a particular product. Find the best calculator that can help you establish the right baseline dosage.

CBD Oil Dosage Suggestion

Several approaches to designing a dosage for CBD exist out there and the application of a specific dose depends on the problem you are trying to solve. People with generic chronic pain or discomfort can find the simple CBD chart useful in determining the appropriate dosage. For those seeking to relief themselves certain conditions such as multiple sclerosis, anxiety, and depression, there are established dosage guidelines backed by years of research.

• Microdose: This is a low-level introductory range for beginners and ranges from 0.5 mg to 20 mg per day. This dose is effective in helping users manage headache, nausea, and metabolic disorders.
• Standard Dose: This is a mild range featuring a dose of 10-100 mg per day. This dosage has been known to be effective in managing pain, inflammation, anxiety, arthritis, and autism.
Macro Dose: This is a therapeutic dose that features 100-800 mg per day. This dosage has proven to be effective in treating cancer, severe liver diseases, and seizure disorders.

Strategies to achieve the right CBD Oil Dosage

This is a general guide so you need to be cautious about the dosage instructions provided on the CBD oil you are buying. Here is a summary of dosage strategies that you can use to work for you

  1. Start by using one drop on the initial day. It’s important to observe how your body feels. For example, if you experience irritation and other adverse effects, you need to stop.
  2. If Your body responds well, you may increase the amount of the dose to 2 drops per day for a period of 3-4 weeks. This is essentially the testing period so be observant to see if you notice any symptoms.
  3. You need to spread the three drops throughout the day afterward.
  4. If the effects are positive, you can slowly increase the rate of intake. Remember that it is a question of finding the most suitable dosage.

Users and those looking to start using CBD Oil for medical purposes need to be cautious about the amount of dosage to avoid the side effects of exceeding the dosage beyond what is medically beneficial. The whole idea behind developing a strategy to achieve an optimal dosage is to minimize the risks of both known and unknown side effects of cannabis.