Exhibitor Floor Opens — Opening Remarks, Cannabis: Liberal New Beginnings

by Jenny Dresler, Oregon Farm Bureau; Lisa Snyder

8:00 am

Cannabis for Health Conditions / Cannabis Investment

by Anthony Taylor / CannaConnex

8:30 am

Oregon Cannabis Law Q & A

by Leland Berger & Pioneer Pete

9:00 am

Building Hemp Homes

by Pamela Bosch

9:30 am

Consultation: Marijuana & Hemp Business Practices

by Karen Sprague

10:00 am

Cannabis Activism & Education

by Sarah Jane Gallegos

10:30 am

Doctor’s Perspective: Cannabis vs. Hemp

by Sanjeev Sharma, MD FACS

11:00 am

Cannabis Hoophouse Production

by Todd Dalotto

11:30 am

Banking & Cannabis

by Will Patterson

12:00 noon

Labs Q & A

by MRX Labs

12:30 pm

Cannabis Science

by Nishan Karassik

1:00 pm

Oregon State Advisory Rules Committee Q & A

by Pioneer Pete, Omnibudsman

1:30 pm

New Industry Solutions / Topicals

by Ed Rosenthal / Megan Schwarting

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2:00 pm


by Howard Granat

2:30 pm

Cannabis in the Eyes of the Public / EndoCannabinoid System

by Sarah Jane Gallegos / James Schwartz RN, BSN, LNC

3:00 pm

Screening: Making Cannabis Oil with RICK SIMPSON

3:30 pm

Cannabis Grow Mediums & Nutrients Q & A

by Andrew Black

4:00 pm

National Cannabis Advocate Q&A

by Russ Belville

4:30 pm

Hemp Panel Q & A

by Tim Pate, Benjamin Christensen, Jerry Norton

5:00 pm

How Cannabis & Hemp Can Coexist / Lifers the Movie

by Farmer Tom & Rick Boughton

5:30 pm

Treating Pain With Cannabis

by Dr. Jack McCue

6:00 pm

New Industry Developments

by Wolf Segal & Farmer Tom

6:30 pm

Live Demonstration: Trimming Made Easy

by Neal Lauritsen

7:00 pm

How To Get Into the Cannabis Green Rush

by Justin Jones

7:30 pm

Closing Remarks

by Jerry Norton

7:55 pm
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