Wolf Segal

Wolf Seagal

M. Wolf Segal, aka “The Farmer in the Sky”


Wolf has been involved in Cannabiculture and associated business enterprises for over 40 years. He has been a major innovator in the field including having invented the Sea of Green and Screen of Green methods among many other techniques which are still widely used. He has actively managed multi-million dollar enterprises including one of the very first specialized gardening equipment companies, Hydro Tech. Another was a 12000+ plant “multi-state network of extremely sophisticated indoor grow operations.”

His passion for plant sciences and the physics of light and his dedication as an advocate can be traced back to his teen years when, after reading Bill Drake’s “The Cultivator’s Handbook of Marijuana,” he planted one of Southern Oregon’s first largish crops.

Ironically, the editor of Wolf’s–in progress–second book on growing Cannabis is that very same Bill Drake. Along with, among others, Ed Rosenthal and Jorge Cervantes, Wolf wrote regularly for Sinsemilla Tips Magazine all through the ‘80s. He uses his weekly podcast on iHeart, iTunes, Spreaker, Roku, etc., “The Farmer in the Sky Radio Hour” as a platform from which to teach people that “growing greener is growing wiser.”and to showcase some of the history, personalities and developments in and around Cannabiculture. If you only take one thing away take away from hearing him he wants it to be that you can grow more sustainably without reducing ROI.

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