Howard Granat

Howard Granat

Howard Granat

Owner of Printing Discounters


Howard Granat’s 4th generation in printing started when he was 10, running a folding machine at his father’s shop in NYC, and evolved into running and rebuilding small printing presses as a summer job.

Howard continued his education at the State University of New York at Buffalo, receiving a degree in Communications. While in college, Howard started working at National Public Radio station WBFO. After graduating, there was a 10 year detour into commercial radio beginning in NYC and then Portland, San Diego and then back to NYC for a national position at Clear Channel.

In 2001, Howard rejoined the family business which had moved from NYC to Long Island. As his father was getting closer to retiring in 2007, Howard decided that he really enjoyed Portland and they decided to sell the family business and, as it turned out, they would all relocate to Portland this time.

In Portland, Howard has taken a different approach to printing. From years of running equipment he decided it was best to assemble a solid arsenal of vendors, making it easier for his customers to make him their first phone call whether it was printing, promotional items, signs & banners, shirts, hats and other wearables, labels, etc.

Printing Discounters started serving the medical marijuana industry from the very beginning providing test labels… hundreds of thousands of them, and typically in less than 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our one stop shopping philosophy made it easy for our customers to then start using us for other labels and then other printing, banners, signage, window clings, lighters, pens, lanyards and other promotional items.

At Printing Discounters, Howard has recently assembled a complete label printing and labeling solution (printing and then applying labels to some bags & boxes) to help small companies get out of the labeling business and back into concentrating on their core product’s manufacturing, marketing and distribution.

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